Ammonite Basket

  • Ammonite Basket
  • Ammonite Basket
  • Ammonite Basket
  • Ammonite Basket
  • Ammonite Basket

*** CHRISTMAS ORDERS NOW CLOSED*** All orders now will be delivered under the normal time frame.

It's finally here!!! Introducing our Ammonite Baskets at last! They will give a brand new look to your plants! Also great for keeping a huge amount of... 'stuff' - I have a vision of hiding all my chocolates inside and hang it somewhere out of reach to my kids! hahahaha

Material: 100% OEKO-TEX certified recycled cotton

Measurements - please note these are a guide only as basket can stretch a little and due to the nature of being handmade, each of them may measure a little differently.
Exterior Measurements:
Diameter (widest points) = 33cm
Diameter (narrowest points) = 26cm
Width = 12 cm

Interior Measurements:
Diameter (widest points) = 31cm
Diameter (narrowest points) = 21cm
Width = 10cm

The Snake Plant was sitting in a pot that measures 11cm (diameter) x 13cm (height)

It would be advisable to include a little drip dish (or whatever you can find in your recycling bin to catch excess water) inside our baskets if you are using it as a plant pot. It would help also to water your plant out of the basket.